Academic Calendar for the session 2019-20

Odd Semester

Sr. No. Description Period
1 Session 15th July, 2019 – 29th November, 2018
2 First Mid Semester Examination September, 2019 (4th – 6th)
3 Second Mid Semester Examination October, November, 2019 (30st – 1st)
4 Preparatory Holidays November, 2019 (16th – 19th)
5 End Semester Examination November, 2019 (4th)
6 *End Semester Practical Examination December, 2019 (16th – 23th)
7 Winter Vacations December, 2019 (24st – 31st)

Revised Even Semester 2019-20

Sr. No. Description Period
1 Session 01th January, 2020 – 16th Mar, 2020
2 Teaching through Online Mode 16th March, 2020 – 15th May 2020
3 Summer Vacation 15th May, 2020 – 15th Jun 2020
4 External Practicals 16th Jun, 2020 – 30th Jun 2020
5 Conduct of Examination (Final Year) 01st July, 2020 – 15th July 2020
6 Declaration of Result 31st July 2020


  1. The Institutes shall develop a fool-proof plan before the resumption of session, strictly following the norms of “social distancing” and other required precautions, to avoid any eventuality arising due to COVID-19
  2. Institutional Training (scheduled in summer vacations as per scheme) after 2nd Semester and industrial training after 4th semester may be conducted as internships offered by various industries/ training institutions via online mode. Students May also be allowed to earn equivalent credits using MOOCS courses. Students may be allowed to attend some online certification course of 4-6 weeks relevant to their discipline. University shall accept the same against Summer Training. The institutions shall decide any other arrangements to enhance the skills of the students as per available resources.
  3. The institutions shall conduct the practical examinations and Viva-Voice Examinations through Online or Digital Mode i.e. Skype, video conferencing or other meeting apps.