Vision and Mission

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  • To make IKGPTU Campus the first choice of students by imparting excellent technical education, placement services, sports and cultural activities.
  • To provide an environment for the disciplined and integrated development of students to give their best to the society.
  • To stimulate a spirit of inquiry in the students to gain knowledge and skills.
  • To make the students self supportive in every field.


  • Disciplined and Integrated Development of Personality through Academin Excellence, Technical Education, Sports and Cultural Activities.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEOs)

  • To promote life-long self learning abilities to remain professionally effective to the society at large.
  • To promote among student graduates the ability to gain multidisciplinary knowledge through projects and industrial training.
  • To inculcate group work and team management skills with cross-cultural etiquettes, promoting knowledge transfer leading to conceptualization and delivery of projects with varied complexity.


Ethics and Attitudes

  • To sensitize students toward issues of social relevance, openness to other international cultures and to introduce them to professional ethics and practice.